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Our dust monitoring products are designed to provide a high level of quality assurance as well as simple process integration. We have broken them into different product families.

Scouts [FUTURE]
Named after the first NASA rockets, this series of sensors are basic dust sensing sensors with only an analog output.

The Titan series is our flagship dust sensors that have the most advanced features of any sensor on the market. The User can select different features (models) to meet their needs. The Titans have more than just the most current digital signal processing (DSP) chips for dust sensing, they have the power of an embedded PLC with multple communications options.

The Sentinel product line, just like the name suggests, is a guardian and overseeing of it's domain or process. Sentinel's are specific to the application and can be provide user interface, data logging for compliance or diagnostics, alarm / event logging and even control.

Atlas [coming Apr 2016]
The Atlas family are really hybrid systems that take advantage of the processing power of the Titan sensor. An Atlas system is a dust monitor, baghouse control system and diagnostic system all rolled into one. Altlas' are capable of opening and closing isolation valve positions, firing pulse-jet valves as well as monitoring key baghouse parameters (e.g., header pressure, temperature, Dp, etc.) based on their final configuration.

And they can be monitored and/or controlled by your PLC using standard industrial protocols (Modbus RTU, ASCII or TCP).

To learn more about options and capabilities, contact your local distributor.

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